About us

Velox's mission is to virtualise, automate and digitalise every possible phase of marketing logistics.

We aim to eliminate unnecessary work, hidden costs and complexity. When we succeed in this, our customers will also enjoy the benefits. Our business is built on the Velox warehouse system, which operates around the warehousing and logistics service processes.

Background and ownership

Velox was founded in 2002 when Markus Autio, then working for a pharmaceutical wholesaler, identified the need to reinvent customer logistics. Eeva Ylimartimo took responsibility for developing the technology required. Velox is owned by its personnel and operates throughout Northern Europe from its base in Finland.

Net sales of 5 million

  • 500 orders per day
  • 2800 order lines per day
  • 33 000 products per day

Warehouse in figures

  • 10 000 square metres of warehouse space
  • 20 000 pallet places
  • 76 000 shelf places


Mon-fri , 8am - 4pm
+358 10 217 6883

Customer service

Mon-fri , 8am - 4pm
010 217 6880

Product support

Mon-fri , 8am - 4pm
010 217 6880

Managers' contact details

Markus Autio
+358 10 217 6884

Eeva Ylimartimo
Product Manager
+358 10 217 6883

Jenny Zborowski
Customer Service Manager
+358 10 217 6888

Jaakko Miettinen
+358 41 504 4773


Billing instructions for suppliers and partners

Velox logistiikka Oy

Business ID: 1787856-5

E-invoicing address:
Operator ID: 003723327487
or Apix Messaging Oy

Paper invoices
Velox logistiikka Oy (Apix skannauspalvelu)
PL 16112, 00021 LASKUTUS

Email invoices


We prefer to receive e-invoices. Processing e-invoices is quicker, more reliable and cheaper than paper invoices for both the sender and the recipient.

Email invoice

The invoices should be attached in PDF format to an email. Emails must not contain more than one invoice (and related appendices to the invoice). You can also attach any additional invoice-related documents to the email. The maximum attachment size is 2 MB. After you have emailed your invoice, the service will respond with an acceptance or rejection email within 15 minutes.

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