Solutions for specific industries

Customers in many different industries take advantage of our expertise, from samples and batches of consumer goods to sustainable medical electronics.

If your products for storage and shipping needs something special, we are the partner to choose. Instead of focusing on the volumes of products, we consider our customers' needs throughout the life cycle of each individual product – from dispatch and set-up to re-collection The following are examples of some of the industries we work in.

Pharmaceutical industries and pharmacies

Every pharmacy in Finland has an end-customer account to access the Velox warehousing system, providing marketing materials for product campaigns and the option to order product samples. As an additional service, we can set up shop display stands and place the products on them. 

The Velox warehousing system provides remote monitoring, enabling users to track completed deliveries and, if necessary, recall products. The system is integrated into Tamro's services, which ensures the appropriate storage of pharmaceuticals and distribution to customers.

Grocery stores

We provide a logistics service for special events, ensuring the display stands are delivered to the store at the right time and returned to the warehouse when the event ends. Returned products are cleaned, and textiles are washed. Separate rules and criteria apply to deliveries from central warehouse. Velox warehouses are registered food premises and hold a tax warehouse authorisation. 

We store and dispatch most of the gift vouchers used in Finland as centralised bundles for shops or directly to consumers. Solteq-integration enables the Velox warehousing system to communicate with the point-of-sale system used by the trading sector companies S-Group and K-Group. 


We work with travel and tourism players of all types, from airlines to accommodation providers. We store and deliver various ancillary products, such as headphones, creams, custom forms and bags, which are cleaned and repacked as required. The practical work is done at short notice, within a few hours.

One special feature ot this industry is the high security required: we conduct background checks on the people involved in the work. Velox is designated by the authorities as a known supplier. 

Beauty and wellness

This industry is characterised changing campaigns and seasonality, requiring suitable resources to be reserved. We can deliver small or large orders within a short period. For example, the ACO product range and XL-S, Miniderm and Fysiomer are well-known self-care products with materials such as brochures, posters, shop display stands, product samples and other window dressing materials.


The products stored for the brewery industry generally consist of promotional materials: bar mats, coasters, glasses an bowls. Unusual opening hours are one special feature of this industry. If a restaurant opens at 7 pm, the delivery takes plave then. Materials also delivered to events and festivals are returned to the warehouse afterwards.

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