Velox warehousing system

product catalogue, purchasing process and reporting all in one. you are in control of all the data, and your end-customers always know what is happening with their orders. 

The Velox warehousing system allows you to manage your inventory on your computer or phone. At the same time, your end-customers can place orders directly from the warehouse, eliminating unnecessary work and waiting. Even better, as our client, you can see how everything s going and how much it costs in real time. 

The heart of warehousing and logistics services

Our customersuse the constantly-developing Velox warehousing system to handle the creation of new products, purchase orders and, on top of all that, all forms of communication, including reporting. The system guides our operations when we accept goods into the warehouse, check their condition and quantities, shelve them repack them if necessary, label them, put together sales batches, and dispatch them worldwide. Read about our services

Access rights for user group

The system allows you to create individual views and access rights for different stakeholders. All the data in the system is updated in real time and available to all the various parties. End-customers can order products directly from the warehouse using a pre-defined catalogue and track their orders.

A user categorised as a representative can order products from a more extensive catalogue for themselves and their customers and track the orders placed by others. As the person in charge, the main user creates the other users, products and related materials and make changes to them.

"The system makes customer companies operate more intelligently, providing all parties with easier access to the stored material. At the same time, it is easy to switch to a new haulier, for example."

Eeva Ylimartimo
Product Manager | Velox


  • Product catalogue browsing
  • Product documents scanned
  • Other electronic material
  • Ordering directly from the warehouse
  • Order and delivery tracking
  • Shipping documents
  • Possibility of accepting payments


  • Order and tracking for themselves and others
  • More delivery methods available
  • Product reservation details
  • Import data
  • Invoicing
  • Batch, EXP, serial number tracking

People in charge

  • Access to all functions
  • Creating, updating and deletion of products and product groups
  • Electronic materials
  • User levels and user accounts
  • Managing cost centres
  • Batch and serial numbers
  • Purchase orders
  • Ready-made and editable report templates
  • Order and alert thresholds
  • Cost tracking
  • Returns
  • Invoicing

Manage products and product groups

High quality photos of every product entering the warehous are taken, and the related dokuments, such as waybills, covering notes and import documents, are scanned. These documents can be accessed later when it is time to replenish the inventory. The customer's designated person can update the product range and its visibility for different users. They can also specify order and alert thresholds for each product, as well as batch and serial number tracking for products.

Raports and inventory management

Removals from the warehouse may become necessary when the warehouse receives POS material for a new campaign, at the latest. We have separate inventory report templates to give customers an overview of their inventories, allowing them to remove old materials from the warehouse and manage their inventory costs. The system offers wide range of ready-made report templates, which can also be edited as required. The templates include reports on invoicing for specific order lines, inventory level, inventory value, sales and inventory forecast, expiry dates, and products with a slow tunrover.

Ready-made integrations

The Velox content management system offers built-in interfaces, if you would like to integrate it into your company's systems, such as inventory management, financial management, e-commerce or delivery system. Data can be imported and retrieved with JSON and XML messages.

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