Warehousing and logistics services

we can handle every phase of the warehousing and logistics of your company's POS materials.

Our services automate and digitalise evey phase of the warehousing of the marketing materials and logistics services – quick, easy and cost-efficient. Thanks to the Velox warehousing system, you are in control of your inventory status, and your end-customers can place orders directly from the warehouse, eliminating unnecessary work and waiting. 

Image: The main functions of the Velox warehousing system for customers and their end-customers.


Warehouse services

  • Reception of goods and shelving
  • Entry into the system and description
  • Handling of sales orders:
    •  Reception and processing
    •  Picking and packing
    •  Printing documents
    •  Dispatching
  • Recall (sales process in reverse)

Value-added services

  • Product bundling
  • Labelling
  • Bagging
  • Assembling stands and products
  • Repacking

Transportation services

You can choose form any of the hauliers operating in Finlnd, including Posti, Kaukokiito, PostNord, Schenker, Matkahuolto, GLS, UPS, DHL and Pakettipiste

It is easy to switch between hauliers, including small operators. Orders can be dispatched on the same day.

Velox warehousing system – competitive advantage

We always design our warehousing services according to our customers' needs and volumes. Your company may have lots of ”moving parts”, such as multilingual marketing materials,  large number of customer groups, countless products and variations.

This is just the type of challenge where the Velox warehousing system is at its best: it ensures that processes work, schedules are kept, and deliveries are precise. Your end-customers can use the Velox warehousing system to place orders directly from the warehouse, eliminating unneccessary work waiting. Even better, as our client, you can see how everything ig going and how much it costs in real time. 

High-quality product handling

High quality photos are taken of every product, and the related dokuments are scanned into the system. If necessary, products can be delivered pre-assebled. We only use recyclable materials in our packaging. Read about our sustainability work

"We respond quickly to customer orders, every day of the year – even between Christmas and New Year and in the July holiday season."

Markus Autio
CEO | Velox

Choose from any haulier

You can choose from any of the hauliers operating in Finland, including Posti, Kaukokiito, PostNord, Schenker, Matkahuolto, GLS, UPS, DHL and Pakettipiste. You are free to choose the haulier who can complete your delivery according to your schedule – even on the same day. It is easy to switch between hauliers, including small operators.

Choose a suitable haulier based on factors such as the package size and delivery time and area. One haulier may be the most cost-effective for parcel deliveries, while another may be better for palletised goods. Some customers create a centralized warehouse that delivers to the entire Nordic market area. Whatever the case, your warehousing and transportation services can expand and evolve in step with your business.

Swift start-up

The timetable for starting operations depends on the material to be stored and any special requirements the customer may have. These are the steps we take to ensure a swift start:

  1. Identify and determine the customer's needs.
  2. Issue a quote.
  3. Fine-tune the details of the agreement.
  4. Set up the customer account in the Velox warehousing system.
  5. Integrate the customer's systems into the Velox warehousing system, if applicable.
  6. Bring in the materials to be stored in our warehouse.
  7. Let's get started!


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